Market and manage events with look and feel of your choice.

Lyyti is an event management system. Lyyti manages registration and communication for events, sends online invitations, shares information and measures results.

My role

Designer and Front End Developer.

I tailored event registration pages to match clients' brand. This required collaboration with customers and finding ways get the implementation work in Lyyti platform.

Responsive layout

Every customized layout was responsive and compatible to desktop and mobile.

Different layout sizes needed to be considered in the designs. Most of the cases mobile page in Lyyti platform was created automatically. If needed I created elements and layouts for different screen sizes.

Design Process

My main goal was to ensure that tailored registration pages reflects customers' brand and visual tone.

There were three type of designs.

  1. Strick brand manuals, finding solutions to combine brand guidelines to Lyyti's technology.
  2. Based on client's web page, creating event pages that feel and look the same.
  3. New design made with interaction with customers.

My tools were Adobe Photoshop, HTML and CSS.

Improving the Process

I developed a design tool to ensure the quality of tailoring process. The tool made it easier to check that each feature is done by the brand.

I simplified tailoring process with a booklet that sales can use or hand over to customer. Booklet helps customer to understand and initiate the tailoring process.